Spontaneous Tempered Glass Breakage

Spontaneous Tempered Glass Breakage

What Causes Spontaneous Glass Breakage?

Although most people do not need to worry about spontaneous glass breakage in their homes or buildings it certainly does occur on extremely rare occasions, and can strike without even the slightest warning. It is a phenomenon that transpires when tempered or toughened glass breaks or shatters, seemingly out of nowhere without any perceptible reason. That being said there is an explanation for it that is most definitely not based on user error. So if this has happened to you it is not your fault whatsoever.

The most common causes are based on the following factors:

Internal Defects Within The Glass Such As Nickel Sulfide Inclusions

Nickel sulfide inclusions or stones may be present within the glass. They are caused by the use of stainless steel machines in the glass manufacturing and the glass. Breakage occurs once those internal stresses exceed the actual handling process. On occasion small shavings of stainless steel, that contains nickel, finds it’s way into the glass mixture. Over time these deposits change structure and grow in size. This action creates internal stresses within strength of the glass itself.

Minor Damage During Glass Installation

When glass pieces are being moved and installed some installers accidentally make minor chips and nicks with their tools or fasteners such as nails and screws. These small chips and nicks are not large enough to be noticeable once installed, and typically do not cause immediate issues. However, as time passes the glass will naturally contract and expand. At this point the chips and nicks become a larger issue causing stress concentrations to develop. Much the same as what eventually occurs with nickel sulfide inclusions, breakage tends to happen when the internal stresses are stronger than the glass strength. This is why it is so critically important to only hire an experienced, professional, and reputable glass company that will takes the extra time and precautions required in order to avoid the unnecessary chips and nicks that end up causing serious damage.

Binding Of The Glass In The Frame

Window and exterior panel glass tends to contract and expand when environmental temperatures changes occur. In order to counter this, modern glass is set on resilient blocks that are located at the bottom. This provides space for expansion at the top and both sides. The gaskets holding the glass in the frame are typically resilient in order to cushion the glass from wind buffering. If there is not enough space provided at the perimeter of the unit than the glass will bind up against the frame. This action causes internal stresses to develop within the glass. When the stresses surpass the glass strength breakage will occur. Once again, it is of utmost importance to only hire an industry leading glass installation company in order to avoid these costly problems.

At A Cut Above Glass we pride ourselves on the fact that our company only works with the leading industry experts to design, manufacture, and install the highest quality glass products for all of our clients needs. When you work with us you can be rest assured that your property is as safe as possible from spontaneous glass breakage. Please contact us for an initial consultation, we hare more than happy to walk you through the entire process.

Protect glass with Coating

Protect glass with Coating

Protect glass with Coating

There is nothing more elegant than a brand new frameless glass shower enclosure.

From the sleek lines to the beautiful hardware, there is a certain wow factor that occurs when

you walk into a bathroom and see it for the first time. Now keeping it looking like new is the


Glass feels very smooth to the touch and looks smooth but did you know that under a

microscope, glass has peaks and valleys resembling a mountain range? It is in these valleys

that dirt, soap scum, waxes from shampoos and minerals from the water accumulate. Before

you know it your brand new shower enclosure becomes a nightmare and a point of frustration.

This is because you can’t keep it clean without exposing yourself to toxic cleaners and spending

precious time and energy scrubbing it.



As hopeless as it may seem there are ways to remedy this situation. Most of you have

used homemade concoctions of vinegar or bleach. These concoctions may clean the surface

temporarily but they are also causing permanent damage every time you clean.

There are products available to the consumer that will coat the glass, making it so that

the contaminants do not adhere to the surface therefore making it easy to clean. Some need to

be applied by the consumer and some are applied by a service provider. The length of time that

it will last varies between manufacturers ranging from 6 months to a “Lifetime”, whatever that

means. Some services can remove the build up on existing glass and then apply the protection

or they can apply the protection the day after it is installed. Some protective coatings need a

day or two to cure before using it and some are ready to use immediately.

Ask your shower glass vendor for the options available to protect your investment. I’m

sure that if you had or have untreated shower glass and know what it is like to maintain you are

wishing you spent the extra money for the protection. You will not regret it. Spend less time

cleaning and more time doing what you enjoy.

For help with your Arizona treatment: www.HydroShieldPhoenix.com



Luxury Showers Transform Bathrooms

Luxury Showers Transform Bathrooms

Luxury Showers Transform Bathrooms

Luxury showers have the unique ability to transform an ordinary bathroom space into an extraordinary room that will vastly improve the look, feel, and value of any home. It is extremely important for homeowners to realize which home improvement projects add the most value to their properties prior to planning any undertaking. Often times upgrades are done solely for the owners personal enjoyment, however fiscal responsibility should certainly be taken into account when investing in what most people consider their largest asset. Upgrading the bathroom is at the top of the list of home improvements that increase property values. In fact it is one of the very first rooms that potential homebuyers flock to see. Although you may not be planning to sell your home anytime soon, it is certainly a good idea to spend your hard earned money wisely. In addition, adding a luxury shower to your bathroom will significantly increase your enjoyment when spending time at home.Big shower enclosure

Luxury glass showers are a relatively cost effective method of dramatically transforming the bathroom design. They tend to add a contemporary flair or even an industrial style that has become extremely popular as of late. Custom designed glass enclosures provide an incredible component that has the ability to literally fit into any space, small or large. Luxury glass showers install quickly once they are designed, manufactured, and delivered to the site. This results in the fact that homeowners do not need to suffer through long periods of disruptive construction. Instead they can start to enjoy their new bathroom in no time at all. Both modern and the more traditional glass shower designs display the most recent bathroom trends. They greatly help to improve overall functionality with the added bonus of providing an incredibly stylish bathroom interior that any homeowner would be proud of.

Glass shower enclosures, shower cubicles, steam showers, and walk in glass showers allow for the ultimate at home relaxation. Glass and natural stone elements are used in order to create a spa like feel and style that is more comparable to artwork than a simple bathroom fixture. Thanks to modern technology, this luxurious beauty and functionality is easily accomplished in the same exact space where the plain old shower resided. Luxury showers are all about comfort, relaxation, and style. They tend to connect people to nature through the use of nature inspired designs and natural materials. Imagine using a custom designed shower after a stressful day of work to literally wash it all away. Gorgeous glass shower designs allow homeowners to enjoy the water and feel stress free.

Paul shower2At A Cut Above Glass we take great pride in designing, producing, and installing the most beautiful, and unique custom luxury showers in Scottsdale, Arizona and surrounding areas. Our team of highly experienced experts is on hand to work with you from start to finish. We strive to create the bathroom of your dreams. Please contact us today for an initial consultation.

Pushing the boundaries of Shower Glass

Pushing the boundaries of Shower Glass

Pushing the boundaries of Shower Glass

A Cut Above Glass is extremely proud of the fact that we are working on new and exciting frameless shower enclosure designs that break the boundaries of traditional bathrooms. This year our company is working with some of the areas most renowned custom homebuilders. These new clients have asked us to literally think outside of the box in order to create unique one of a kind glass applications. Our goal is to not only wow the home owner but to make people in general think differently about how glass can be incorporated into main focal points of the home. The upscale bathrooms of today are rooms of luxury. It is more about beauty, elegance, and style than a place to simply use the facilities. Through the use of trackless all glass steam showers, high grade stone materials, and other incredible design aspects, homeowners now have the ability to own their own spas. Bathrooms may not be the main gathering spot in the house, however people are certainly spending more and more time relaxing in them. This is why it is so important that the space is designed with the proper layout, and in an upscale manner.Steam shower enclosure

The following picture is a perfect example of a cutting edge trend in bathroom design. The builder asked us to design an entirely unique European shower application that could serve two purposes. The structure needed to provide the appearance of a customized glass sculpture that would impress clients with even the most discerning tastes. In addition it had to be a highly functional unit. With those specifications in mind we decided to incorporate a freestanding soaker tub into a large glass steam shower enclosure. This way the owner will be able to enjoy the soaker tub while at the same time relaxing in a steam bath for the complete spa at home experience. Bathrooms such as this one could only be dreamed of in the past. In order to accomplish the freestanding glass sculpture appearance, we designed this shower with the use of minimal hardware. It was actually installed using only four clamps and two hinges. We also incorporated a brand new design aspect through the use of white river rock and white tile. The difference in textures, and subtle color differences provided an upscale, sophisticated look. The square shaped double-sided towel bars where designed to provide easy access to both hanging and steam towels while looking great at the same time.At A Cut Above Glass we pride ourselves on providing the most creative glass based solutions to clients in the Scottsdale, Arizona and surrounding areas. If you are a builder, designer, or homeowner that is looking for that special design, please contact us today. We look forward to working with you.

Modern Standoff Mirrors with LED lighting

Modern Standoff Mirrors with LED lighting


If you live in the Scottsdale, Arizona area, and are looking for some fresh and cost effective ideas on updating your bathroom, a standoff vanity mirror is a great place to start. The standoff or floating mirror is a new interior design style that has taken over bathroom walls in many homes the past few years. It is generally a gorgeous piece of unframed glass that is mounted anywhere from one half inch to a few inches off of the wall. Unlike traditional flush mounted or framed pieces, standoff vanity mirrors present the appearance that it is floating or suspended in thin air. In turn the result provides sharp lines that enhance the mirror’s border making it seem more like a multi dimensional sculpture than a simple tool in which to view your refection.Standoff vanity mirror
Building out from the wall creates the floating effect that standoff vanity mirrors provide. This is achieved by securing material, such as drywall or 2×4 lumber pieces directly to the wall, and attaching metal hangers to the surface on the back of the mirror. In the case of smaller pieces, special mounting hardware can be used, however it is much safer to direct mount larger mirrors for added safety and security.
Standoff vanity mirrors present bathrooms with an even greater contemporary flair when the use of LED lighting is incorporated into the design. Light and reflection are the perfect partners to create a warm glow that is not only charming, but also vastly enhance the appearance of additional space. When it comes to area in the bathroom, the more the merrier even if it is just an illusion. The proper reflective backlit lighting will stage your bathroom in a dramatic way.
Standoff vanity mirrors are an easy way to add a modern feel that will greatly enhance and update the look of your bathroom for an affordable price tag. They also look amazing with other contemporary bathroom pieces such as frameless glass shower doors, and the plethora of new countertop materials. Standoff vanity mirrors are well on the way to becoming a progressive classic style that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Doug Mirror


Splash Guard on Knee Wall

Splash Guard on Knee Wall

Splash Guard on Knee Wall

Are you looking to remodel your Scottsdale, Arizona bathroom this year? If so one of the most cost effective areas to improve is the shower. By replacing your old outdated shower, with something more modern like a frameless glass shower enclosure, you will add beauty to the room. This modern look is a great way to put some spark back into your old outdated bathroom. Many homeowners are replacing their showers with this type of shower glass and the results are stunning! Let’s go over some of the features of this amazing product and see why so many people are getting it installed in their homes.

Sprucing Up Your Bathroom With Frameless Shower Glass

Many showers have knee walls with frosted bathroom glass on top. This frosted glass is attached to a frame and often times these frames become rusty over time. So instead of replacing it with another frame, why not go frameless? A clear glass screen looks much better than those old frosted ones and they can be attached with a special sleeve, that fits over the top of the glass. This gives the shower a unique look, as if there is no hardware holding the glass. The results are simply amazing! This clamping method is almost unnoticeable and will secure the glass keeping it from moving or falling. While it may look like the glass is floating in midair, it is safely secured to the wall at all times.


Another nice feature that will make your bathroom shower look fabulous, is the radious corner that sticks out from the top. This rounded look is both sleek and appealing to the eye. Unlike those sharp corners of the past, this new rounded look fits in well. In addition, a rounded corner will help prevent injury, unlike those glass enclosures that are sharp and pointed. So if you are thinking of redoing your bathroom, why not go with a more natural and safe rounded edge.

shower Splash guard

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