The Benefits of Choosing Frameless Shower Glass for Your Bathroom Renovation

The Benefits of Choosing Frameless Shower Glass for Your Bathroom Renovation

When it comes to renovating your bathroom, choosing the right shower glass is an important consideration. Frameless shower glass is a popular trend that provides a sleek and stylish alternative to traditional shower doors and frames. Here are some of the benefits of choosing frameless shower glass, particularly in terms of thickness options such as 3/8″ or 1/2″.

  1. Improved Aesthetics: Frameless shower glass has a modern and minimalist appearance, with clean lines and the absence of visible hardware. This enhances the overall look of your bathroom and provides a spa-like atmosphere.
  2. Increased Space: The lack of a shower door or frame can help to make your bathroom feel more spacious and open, particularly in smaller bathrooms.
  3. Easy to Clean: The smooth surface of frameless shower glass is easy to clean and maintain, requiring only occasional wiping to keep it looking its best.
  4. More Natural Light: The absence of a shower door or frame allows for more natural light to enter the shower, making the space feel brighter and more open.
  5. Increased Safety: Thicker glass, such as 3/8″ or 1/2″, is less likely to shatter than traditional shower doors, making it a safer option for your bathroom.
  6. Customizable Design: With frameless shower glass, you have the ability to choose from a variety of glass types and designs to create a custom look that perfectly suits your bathroom.

In conclusion, frameless shower glass offers numerous benefits for those looking to renovate their bathroom. The choice of 3/8″ or 1/2″ thickness adds to the overall aesthetic appeal, safety, and design versatility of frameless shower glass, making it an excellent option for modern bathroom design.

180 shower door

Curbless shower with proper slope

Curbless shower with proper slope

When it comes to designing a bathroom, many homeowners are opting for a zero entry shower, also known as a curbless shower. This design feature eliminates the traditional raised threshold, or “curb,” that separates the shower area from the rest of the bathroom, creating a seamless transition for easy access.

However, installing a zero entry shower can be challenging, as it requires proper waterproofing to prevent leaks. Leaks can cause damage to the subfloor, walls, and surrounding areas, leading to costly repairs.

Proper installation of a zero entry shower is crucial to ensure that it is leak-free. Here are some key steps to follow:

  1. Floor preparation: The bathroom floor needs to be level and the subfloor needs to be in good condition. If necessary, the subfloor should be reinforced to ensure it can support the weight of the shower.
  2. Waterproofing: The shower area must be properly waterproofed to prevent water from seeping into the subfloor or walls. A waterproof membrane should be installed on the subfloor and up the walls to the shower’s finished height. The membrane should extend past the shower area to ensure that water does not leak into other areas of the bathroom.
  3. Drain placement: The shower drain needs to be positioned in a way that allows water to flow away from the shower area and into the main drainage system. The drain should be flush with the shower floor to ensure a smooth transition.
  4. Shower pan installation: A shower pan, which is a pre-formed base for the shower, should be installed on top of the waterproof membrane. The pan should be level and properly sealed to ensure that water does not leak under it.
  5. Shower pan slope: The shower pan should have ample slope, 1/4″ per foot in all areas including where the pan meets the wall tile. Most contractors get this wrong creating leaks onto the bathroom floor underneath the glass shower doors.
  6. Finish work: Once the shower pan is in place, the shower walls and floor can be finished with tile, stone, or other materials. The finished surface should be level with the bathroom floor to create a seamless transition.

curbless glass shower enclosure

It is important to hire a professional contractor with experience installing curbless shower to ensure the project is done correctly. A proper installation will not only provide an easy access to the shower but also prevent any water leaks or damage to the subfloor, walls, or surrounding areas.

In addition, regular maintenance of the shower, such as checking for any cracks or leaks, and making sure the shower pan and walls are properly sealed, is important to ensure that the shower remains leak-free.

Overall, while a zero entry shower can add a modern and functional touch to your bathroom, it’s important to remember that proper installation and maintenance are key to preventing leaks and ensuring the longevity of your bathroom.

Crubless shower


Frameless showers in 2022

Frameless showers in 2022

180 shower door

The world of bathroom design is constantly evolving, and one trend that has been gaining popularity in recent years is the use of frameless showers. In 2022, these sleek and modern showers are expected to become even more popular, as homeowners continue to seek out minimalist and modern design elements for their bathroom spaces.

One of the main benefits of frameless showers is their aesthetic appeal. Unlike traditional framed showers, which can often appear bulky and outdated, frameless showers have a sleek and modern look that is perfect for contemporary bathroom designs. With their clean lines and unobstructed views, these showers create a sense of openness and spaciousness in even the smallest of bathrooms.

Another advantage of frameless showers is their durability and ease of maintenance. Because they do not have a frame, these showers are less likely to develop mold or mildew, and are easy to clean and maintain. Additionally, frameless showers are made from high-quality materials, such as tempered glass and stainless steel, which are built to withstand the rigors of daily use.

In addition to their aesthetic and practical benefits, frameless showers are also becoming increasingly popular because of their versatility. These showers can be custom-designed to fit almost any space, and can be configured in a variety of shapes and sizes. This makes them an excellent option for homeowners who want to create a unique and personalized look in their bathroom.

Overall, the popularity of frameless showers is expected to continue to grow in 2022 and beyond. With their sleek and modern design, durability, and versatility, these showers are a perfect fit for any contemporary bathroom space.

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The Top 3 Bathroom Design Trends For 2018

The Top 3 Bathroom Design Trends For 2018

The Top 3 Bathroom Design Trends For 2018


Residential bathroom design has experienced a major transformation in recent years. In the past, the space was designed as a functional room that contained a toilet, sink, and shower/tub. They were often drab and boring. People did not spend a lot of time in the bathroom. The aesthetic appeal did not factor into the equation. In essence, the bathroom was a place to get in, get out, and move on with your day or evening. However, times have changed. Real estate is expensive to say the least.


It has become necessary to make the most out of each and every space in your home. That certainly includes the bathroom. It is now a room that many of us use to relax and pamper ourselves. The bathroom should function as a home-based spa so to speak. Form is now just as important as function. The good news is that there are some simple and cost effective projects that you can do to update your bathroom. So without further ado, here are the top three (3) bathroom design trends for 2018.


1: Frameless Glass Shower Doors

Large corner shower

Nothing says old and outdated more than a shower curtain or one of those old school shower doors that were popular thirty plus years ago. However, frameless glass shower doors can make any bathroom look just like a high-end spa. They also serve another important purpose. A frameless glass shower door enables the space to look larger than it actually is. Typically speaking, the bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in the house. That means you must get creative in order to make it look and feel larger without having an addition built, or undergoing a major renovation. Installing a beautiful frameless glass shower door is fast and affordable. It will also provide your bathroom with a luxurious appearance.


2: Distinctive Tile Shapes Designs

Technology has made it possible for tile manufacturers to produce a plethora of interesting new designs. Tiles now come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. They provide homeowners and designers with the ability to be more creative than ever before. Tiles should be used to cover other surfaces in the bathroom in addition to the floor. Eye catching designs on the bathroom backsplash, shower surround, and even the ceiling go a long way in making your bathroom look like it belongs in a palace.


3: Brass And Gold Colored Fixtures

Half inch low iron shower glass

Brass and gold colored fixtures have been making a big splash recently. The trend will continue to grow in 2018. These classic finishes, combined with modern fixture designs, will help update any bathroom. The rich color tones add the perfect amount of depth to small spaces. They are an excellent compliment to most paint and other finish material choices as well. Updating faucets, toilets, and hardware to brass and gold colors is a fast and cost effective bathroom project.


A Cut Above Glass is the leading designer and installer of frameless glass shower enclosures in Scottsdale, Arizona and surrounding areas.  Please contact us today for an initial consultation regarding any and all of your glass related needs.


Big changes in Bathroom Shower Trends

Big changes in Bathroom Shower Trends

Big changes in Bathroom Shower Trends

2017 was a year for big changes in custom shower enclosures. We installed some of the largest showers in our history this year. Many of the showers using Low Iron 1/2″ glass. While Low Iron is more expensive than regular glass, It has an outstanding look next to the newly emerging white tile​ which is​​predominant in today’s​ market.

barn door shower

Double Barn Door

We’ve noticed a shift in hardware trends. Manufacturers are introducing new handle and hinge configurations to their product lines, giving customers more options than ever before. One trend that’s really taken off is Matte Black hardware, but it can still be challenging to find. Interestingly, many designers are pairing Matte Black finishes with chrome fixtures for a striking contrast.

We’re also seeing more customers splitting their shower valves, which allows for easier access to the valves on the opposite side of the shower from the shower heads. This makes it easier to warm up the water before stepping into the shower.

Another trend that’s gained popularity is the use of barn doors and shower screens. Customers are looking for a sleek, European look with minimal hardware. We’re responding to this trend by using less U channel and more Sleeve over clamps and U clamps.

Overall, these changes and innovations are transforming bathrooms and showers into integral living spaces, rather than just utilitarian areas. It’s an exciting time to be a part of the modern home design theme!



Redesigning your shower

Redesigning your shower

Redesigning your shower can be challenging and that’s why you need to determine the right approach! With that in mind, here are some of things that you need to keep in mind when you create a plan for this project!

Shower size

Usually the size is not that important if you want to redesign your shower, however it can be a challenge if you want to expand.Sandblasted shower screen

A regular size shower is around 3 by 5 feet. This is ok for most home owners. If you have 15 square feet for the shower that would be more than enough. Of course, if you have the space to work with, you can expand towards a 6 to 10 foot. Don’t design the shower too large if you don’t need that much space to begin with. If you are remodeling your home, you can work with an architect as he will be able to help you with ideas and he can make the necessary changes.




See where the glass will go

Most showers come with a full height solid wall. You can opt for the idea of adding in glass walls in the shower design if you want to. If you use glass enclosures you will be able to make the home more appealing and the design will also be more professional for sure. Unlike a tiled wall this does require some maintenance. This option might not be as expensive as adding tile after you build it. Adding in an enclosed shower created for privacy can be a very good idea, since it comes with just 3 walls. Even if you are unsure whether an all-glass enclosure might be worth it, you can opt for the half walls.


Tile design

TileThere’s no shortage of tile designs. You can use glass, mosaics, marble, travertine or even ceramic/porcelain. The latter is actually very good since it will offer great water resistance and a very simple to maintain.

Since finding the right design can be challenging, a good one for starters would be the wainscot design. This is a very good one that helps combine a regular subway tile with a depth-bringing herringbone pattern in order to deliver the best results. If you want to add in a decorative touch, then you can run the mosaic border either vertically or horizontally. Don’t refrain from using natural stones, especially if you want to mix them up.



Should you add a bench?

Bench shower

Benches are great because they add in comfort. They also make the entire shower experience a lot safer since disabled or older people can remove the slipping issues that appear from time to time. Plus, a bench will add in that sense of coziness in your shower.

Smaller showers will not accommodate a large bench, but you can opt for a corner bench.  You can also add a handheld bench under the shower, this solution works great for the elderly.


The shower floor

Shower FloorIn the case of a shower floor, you should focus on slipping resistance. This is a major priority for any home owner and you have to be certain that low maintenance is on top of your list. The material you use will definitely influence the overall quality, so you have to be careful in what you choose and how you install it. Textured porcelain, pebbles or travertine will provide some very good results. There are other types of shower floors that you can use such as wood and acrylic floors but these don’t provide good slip maintenance. On the upside they are easier to maintain.

Plumbing Fixtures

Plumbing Fixtures

Plumbing fixtures are also important and the shower head is definitely the most important fixture. Some showers have a single shower head, others have 3. You have to figure out which is the best solution for you. Adding in rain heads can be a good option for you, but another great option would be a handheld shower head. It’s all about the lifestyle you have and your needs.

The fixtures you choose and their style will definitely make or break the experience. The sleek fixtures can bring in simplicity of design, whereas the ornate fixtures will add great style and make the experience more traditional. If you want a more contemporary style, then using chrome, brushed nickel or chrome is a very good idea. You can also add oil rubbed bronze and this will work great in the traditional spaces.



Planning storage options for shampoos and soaps


Are you preferring a wall mounted or built in storage for soap and shampoo? The built in options are better since they integrate in the design of the shower. They also offer great storage space, which in the end can be very exciting. In order to create storage you will have to focus on planning and may be more expenses. If you want to save money you can opt for the shampoo niches. They can save you up to $100 or even more, not to mention that you can save space as well. Either option is great, it all comes down to you and your budget!


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