Shower Renovation

     Before Renovation

Framed shower door before

     After Renovation

Frameless shower door after
Shower renovation after
shower renovation after

With the dynamic real estate market in Arizona, more and more homeowners are investing in upgrading their bathrooms and kitchens. At our company, we have seen a surge in bathroom remodel projects, particularly in shower replacements.

A cost-effective way to refresh your bathroom’s look is by replacing the shower. Upgrading the hardware and glass can give your bathroom a luxurious touch. With years of experience in replacing outdated framed shower doors, we have perfected the installation of frameless European enclosures, seamlessly blending into your bathroom’s existing design.

Our expertise extends to the placement of the frameless unit, ensuring that any discoloration left behind by the old framed unit is not visible. As seen in our before and after photos, we are also skilled in installing frameless doors on cultured marble without compromising the integrity of the marble or the drywall it is attached to.

Hardware supplier: US Horizons


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