Big changes in Bathroom Shower Trends

2017 was a year for big changes in custom shower enclosures. We installed some of the largest showers in our history this year. Many of the showers using Low Iron 1/2″ glass. While Low Iron is more expensive than regular glass, It has an outstanding look next to the newly emerging white tile​ which is​​predominant in today’s​ market.

barn door shower

Double Barn Door

Hardware has taken a turn with additional handle and hinge configurations being added to product lines. Matte Black hardware is becoming​very popular​, even though it is still ​difficult​ to source. Designers are pairing the Matte black finish with chrome fixtures in some cases. We have even seen customers splitting shower valves ​allowing ​access to valves on the opposite side of the shower from shower heads​. This facilitates ​the ​warming of the water​ prior to entering the shower.

Barn doors and shower screens have also become popular. Customers are looking for the European look with almost non existent hardware. We are using less and less U channel. More Sleeve over clamps and U clamps. ​These changes and innovations make bathrooms and showers a more integral part of the modern home design theme.​​ They are becoming integral living spaces rather than just utilitarian areas. ​



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