Shower Door Repair

Repairing shower door

My shower door is leaking on the bottom. Can you fix it?

In most cases we can install or replace bottom whips or seals that have deteriorated. The whips are made from polyurethane and over time will yellow and become brittle. If your door was installed and the threshold is level or sloping outwards away from the shower pan. We can install an aftermarket applied threshold. Applied thresholds are made to match you’re your existing shower hardware.

The sealant around my shower has come loose. Can you repair this?

Yes we can remove the existing silicone and re-apply new silicone.

I have a framed shower enclosure and the door is dragging on the ground. Can you repair this?

If your framed pivot door is dragging on the threshold, most of the time the hinge has failed and needs to be repaired or even replaced. In this case, it may be time to look at replacing the entire enclosure with a new one.

My frameless shower is hitting the wall. Is this something you can fix?

Yes we can re-adjust the hinges and even replace the hinge gaskets if needed. A majority of the time the door has slipped from the hinge and is resting on the hinge notch.


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