Irrespective of the climate, some homeowners have the problem where windows experience fogging. While there are many reasons for windows to get permanently fogged up, some factors are vital enough that leave the humidity from the atmosphere to settle in permanently.foggy So why does this happen? Technically the seal that is located at the edge of the glass window fails and as a result the water and the humidity seeps in. This results is the outside humidity penetrates in and condenses to form a permanent fogging. Sure enough the window gets foggy and the clarity of seeing through is significantly reduced.

Why Do Windows Fog Up?

The crux of the problem is the failing of the seal. The seal fails due to different reasons. Of them could be a manufacturing defect. Then there is the natural phenomenon of the panes heating in the morning and cooling at night. It is a continuous and a natural process that often takes its toll after a certain period, and compromises the condition of the seal. This results in permanent damage. Often homeowners try to work on changing the seal, expecting the condition to be reversed. Unfortunately, the settled in fog damages the glass and leaves fine scratches that becomes a permanent mark and cannot be removed with the aid of any external chemical or process. Over time, the moisture build up becomes more prominent and the window gets a dirty look and sometimes mold grows, that cannot be reversed. This leaves you with only one option of having to replace the window. A Cut Above Glass knows the best glass available that can be used. With that said, it is not only about the glass but getting a good insulated glass that will help keep the moisture from seeping into the panes and fogging the glass. With the improvement of technology, one could get better insulated glasses that will help overcome the problem of fogging and maintain the clarity for a substantial period of time.

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