Bathroom Mirrors

Modern vanity mirror

In terms of functionality, bathroom mirrors are probably the most important mirrors in your home. A well-positioned mirror, with good quality lighting, is a must for styling your hair, putting on makeup or shaving. If your bathroom is small you might consider using wall mirrors to give the illusion of spaciousness.

One of the most important functions of mirrors is to reflect light, both natural and artificial. When reflecting a window, mirrors can bring the outdoors in.

Mirrors can be used to reflect a favorite object in the room, increasing its presence.

The style of the mirror, vanity and lighting should all match.

The vanity size will determine the size of the mirror. The mirror should not extend beyond the vanity over which it is hung. If side lights are used with the mirror, the outside edge of the lights can slightly exceed the vanity below.

When the vanity has two bowls, there are two ways to hang the mirror. Each sink can have its own mirror and side lights, or a single wall-to-wall mirror (perfect for a clean, contemporary look) can be used.

A popular trend for lighting is to hang a sconce directly on the mirror, an easy way to double the amount of light in the room.


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