Protect glass with Coating

There is nothing more elegant than a brand new frameless glass shower enclosure.

From the sleek lines to the beautiful hardware, there is a certain wow factor that occurs when

you walk into a bathroom and see it for the first time. Now keeping it looking like new is the


Glass feels very smooth to the touch and looks smooth but did you know that under a

microscope, glass has peaks and valleys resembling a mountain range? It is in these valleys

that dirt, soap scum, waxes from shampoos and minerals from the water accumulate. Before

you know it your brand new shower enclosure becomes a nightmare and a point of frustration.

This is because you can’t keep it clean without exposing yourself to toxic cleaners and spending

precious time and energy scrubbing it.



As hopeless as it may seem there are ways to remedy this situation. Most of you have

used homemade concoctions of vinegar or bleach. These concoctions may clean the surface

temporarily but they are also causing permanent damage every time you clean.

There are products available to the consumer that will coat the glass, making it so that

the contaminants do not adhere to the surface therefore making it easy to clean. Some need to

be applied by the consumer and some are applied by a service provider. The length of time that

it will last varies between manufacturers ranging from 6 months to a “Lifetime”, whatever that

means. Some services can remove the build up on existing glass and then apply the protection

or they can apply the protection the day after it is installed. Some protective coatings need a

day or two to cure before using it and some are ready to use immediately.

Ask your shower glass vendor for the options available to protect your investment. I’m

sure that if you had or have untreated shower glass and know what it is like to maintain you are

wishing you spent the extra money for the protection. You will not regret it. Spend less time

cleaning and more time doing what you enjoy.

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