1. “Are shower doors adjustable?”

Yes, shower doors are adjustable, both framed and frameless doors are adjustable. Frameless showers have two screws that can be loosened allowing the glass to be adjusted. Framed or “stick Stall” showers have to be adjusted by removing screws from the frame, re adjusting and thenadjust drilling new holes. If you feel like attempting either of these, feel free to give us a call and we will do our best to give you advice.

2. “Are shower doors made of tempered glass?”

Yes all showers should be made of Tempered glass for your safety. Logo’s or “bugs” are stamped onto the corner of the glass to help identify whether the glass has gone through the tempering process.

3. “Can a glass shower door be cut?”

 No, showers doors are tempered and once tempered, they can not be cut or shaved.

4. “Can a shower door open in?”

Yes a shower door can open in, however it must open out as well.

5. “Can I put rain x on my shower door?”

Before & After Rain-X

Yes, make sure that you clean your shower door and then apply Rain X as often as needed. Rain X glass cleaner is also available. We can also pre order glass treatment prior to installation. Make sure to ask your glass consultant about options.

6. “can you have a shower without a door?”

Yes, we install shower screens in all sorts of applications. Keep shower over spray in mind when planning so your wall does not get wet with overspray.

7.  “Can you put a frameless shower door on a fiberglass shower?”

Yes we can install frame-less shower glass on a fiberglass stall. Most frameless doors are custom ordered to allow for the perfect fit.

8. “What is the cost for a frameless shower door?”

Frameless showers start at $450 for a single pivot door and can cost upwards of $4000 depending on your application and glass choice.

9. “Do all frameless shower doors leak?”

No, not all frameless showers leak. In most cases seals and thresholds can be installed as to prohibit leakage.

10. “What is the maximum size for a shower door?”

Frameless shower door width is restricted to 34” using three hinges by the hardware manufacturer. Hinges are available to install a 38” wide door, however the hardware price goes up dramatically.


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