Splash Guard on Knee Wall

Are you looking to remodel your Scottsdale, Arizona bathroom this year? If so one of the most cost effective areas to improve is the shower. By replacing your old outdated shower, with something more modern like a frameless glass shower enclosure, you will add beauty to the room. This modern look is a great way to put some spark back into your old outdated bathroom. Many homeowners are replacing their showers with this type of shower glass and the results are stunning! Let’s go over some of the features of this amazing product and see why so many people are getting it installed in their homes.

Sprucing Up Your Bathroom With Frameless Shower Glass

Many showers have knee walls with frosted bathroom glass on top. This frosted glass is attached to a frame and often times these frames become rusty over time. So instead of replacing it with another frame, why not go frameless? A clear glass screen looks much better than those old frosted ones and they can be attached with a special sleeve, that fits over the top of the glass. This gives the shower a unique look, as if there is no hardware holding the glass. The results are simply amazing! This clamping method is almost unnoticeable and will secure the glass keeping it from moving or falling. While it may look like the glass is floating in midair, it is safely secured to the wall at all times.


Another nice feature that will make your bathroom shower look fabulous, is the radious corner that sticks out from the top. This rounded look is both sleek and appealing to the eye. Unlike those sharp corners of the past, this new rounded look fits in well. In addition, a rounded corner will help prevent injury, unlike those glass enclosures that are sharp and pointed. So if you are thinking of redoing your bathroom, why not go with a more natural and safe rounded edge.

shower Splash guard

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