If you live in the Scottsdale, Arizona area, and are looking for some fresh and cost effective ideas on updating your bathroom, a standoff vanity mirror is a great place to start. The standoff or floating mirror is a new interior design style that has taken over bathroom walls in many homes the past few years. It is generally a gorgeous piece of unframed glass that is mounted anywhere from one half inch to a few inches off of the wall. Unlike traditional flush mounted or framed pieces, standoff vanity mirrors present the appearance that it is floating or suspended in thin air. In turn the result provides sharp lines that enhance the mirror’s border making it seem more like a multi dimensional sculpture than a simple tool in which to view your refection.Standoff vanity mirror
Building out from the wall creates the floating effect that standoff vanity mirrors provide. This is achieved by securing material, such as drywall or 2×4 lumber pieces directly to the wall, and attaching metal hangers to the surface on the back of the mirror. In the case of smaller pieces, special mounting hardware can be used, however it is much safer to direct mount larger mirrors for added safety and security.
Standoff vanity mirrors present bathrooms with an even greater contemporary flair when the use of LED lighting is incorporated into the design. Light and reflection are the perfect partners to create a warm glow that is not only charming, but also vastly enhance the appearance of additional space. When it comes to area in the bathroom, the more the merrier even if it is just an illusion. The proper reflective backlit lighting will stage your bathroom in a dramatic way.
Standoff vanity mirrors are an easy way to add a modern feel that will greatly enhance and update the look of your bathroom for an affordable price tag. They also look amazing with other contemporary bathroom pieces such as frameless glass shower doors, and the plethora of new countertop materials. Standoff vanity mirrors are well on the way to becoming a progressive classic style that can be enjoyed for years to come.

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