Custom Mirrors


Bathroom Mirrors

Mirrors are an important element of bathroom design that can completely alter the look of the room. Besides brightening the room, mirrors visually double room size. Mirrors clean easier than paint or wall paper. As a matter of fact, a mirror wall can be installed for about the same price as quality wall paper. A great benefit of mirrors is if you want to change the color of a couch or drapes, you DO NOT have to consider changing the wallpaper or paint. Your change is simply reflected.

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Gym Mirrors

My guess is that you are opening a new gym, just finishing with your construction build out and now it’s time for mirrors.

Your mirror design is all personal preference. If you would prefer lots of narrow mirrors or if you like wide mirrors, we can provide them for you. When making your design decisions keep the access to your building in mind. You may have to adjust the height or width of the mirror to fit through an access opening. Other considerations include, J channel finish, whether or not you mount the mirrors above your receptacles or cut holes for the receptacles.

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Vanity Mirror Removal

There is a growing trend of removing large vanity mirrors and replacing them with smaller accent mirrors, we are being asked to remove mirrors more frequently. Most mirrors can be removed in one piece without doing much damage to the drywall behind the mirror. Keep in mind that in most cases wherever mirror mastic was used to affix the mirror to the wall, drywall repairs will be needed. We provide mirrors to fit your frames and in some cases, we can cut your existing vanity mirror the fit your new application.

Mirrored Bevel Strips

Mirror bevel strips are a thing of the past. Designers are now going with either polished edge mirrors or beveled mirrors. In most cases ¾” to 1 ½” bevels are being ordered, however we can make bevel strips from ¼” TO 2 ½” if required. Bevel strips were heavily used in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and Phoenix over the years. We occasionally receive calls from owners that have had bevel strips coming loose. We can re secure the strips with minimal effort if required.


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